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At the Business University of Costa Rica, we are dedicated to assisting all students transition from high school to college. We provide a variety of services to our students for FREE to ensure their success!


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My liberal arts education has allowed me to effectively communicate with my fellow coworkers, as well as provide me with the skill sets to think critically and to modify methods of care for each individual.”

Cynthia Jefferson

Business University of Costa Rica is a model for what other universities should strive to be: genuinely invested in the future of its students, diverse enough to foster success for all students and committed to being a source of comfort, even long after graduation.

Lisa Dowen

Business University of Costa Rica offered me something that some of the major universities in Costa Rica couldn’t offer, which was small class size, easy access to professors and a small but friendly campus community. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for something outside the norm

Jennifer Collins


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