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Business University of Costa Rica

Celebrating three decades of service as now Costa Rica’s only private online university, the Business University of Costa Rica – is ranked for quality and value – is a recognized leader and innovator in interdisciplinary studies.

Like the best private universities, UNEM is now fully online with award-winning faculty; and a faculty culture that fosters exclusivity, close faculty-student interaction and undergraduate research opportunities. UNEM educates the whole person, encourages growth through hybrid studies and digital activities.

We are proud to produce leaders who drive positive change for the benefit of Costa Rica and the global community. Our honors graduates and prize recipients are a testament to our culture of excellence in scholarship.

Statement of Core Belief

We believe the best path to a meaningful and purposeful life is an education that integrates knowledge from many disciplines to equip individuals.

    1. UNEM offers a broad educational experience. As Costa Rica’s only private online university university, UNEM provides students a broad educational experience, grounded in the sciences and humanities, that reinforces communication, critical thinking and problem solving.
    2. Coursework is built around a unique interdisciplinary core. UNEM’s Interdisciplinary Studies program remains as innovative today as when it was created by integrating knowledge from many disciplines.
    3. UNEM pioneered the innovative team-teaching approach. Team-teaching in our program is an innovative approach that puts two or more professors from different disciplines into the classroom, offering students differing perspectives and approaches to the same material.
    4. Our mission attracts highly qualified faculty. UNEM’s faculty have terminal degrees in their field. Our Faculty members come from prestigious graduate schools from across the country.
    5. The online campus environment fosters hybrid relationships. There’s more to university life than what happens inside the virtual classroom. Make the most of your opportunity to get involved in culture, connect with others and find support to help you succeed
    6. Curiosity is encouraged and nurtured. UNEM fosters an environment where curiosity is at the heart of the academic experience and creativity is the norm, not the exception.
    7. Students stay and graduate. UNEM attracts curious-minded students who thrive in this kind of environment and tend to graduate at higher rates than most public universities of its size.
    8. Graduates succeed in post-graduate study and become leaders in their field. UNEM students succeed in graduate school and rise to positions of leadership in their chosen field.
    9. We counter the common perception that quality is not affordable. Year after year UNEM is nationally recognized for its affordability, upward social mobility, as well as the rigor of its academic approach.
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